Roses For Our Senior Friends
Deliver a rose...deliver friendship
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Deliver a rose...deliver friendship

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Volunteers Deliver Roses, Holiday Wishes

Gift of a Roses Opens Doors for Seniors



 Volunteer Memories and Comments:


It's a wonderful way to visit, even briefly, with our senior neighbors. The rose opens the door and offers an opportunity to bless. It was an honor and an eye-opener. There are so many seniors in facilities throughout our community!


I love talking with seniors (now I am one).  They all have wonderful histories. It is sweet how their faces light up when they received the roses.


One couple with whom I visited were married two days before, and told me all about their wedding. The groom ended his story by telling me, "It was the happiest day of my life!" It was heartwarming to see faces light up and big smiles, when we presented the roses and visited with each of the residents.


Every person that we gave a rose to was so grateful and happy to see us, even the men.  They were as thrilled to receive a rose as the ladies.


[I enjoyed talking to] an 88 year old Pearl Harbor survivor regaling us with his war time stories.


We had several residents tell us of their favorite holidays and learned about their hometowns.


My daughter and I enjoyed talking to the seniors!


The residents loved to be touched, called by name, and genuinely appreciated the visits. We sang karaoke with the staff and residents.


Making a difference with individuals. Loved all the different characters and hearing their stories and seeing how the reacted to receiving a gift.


We want you to know what a lovely morning we enjoyed with our senior friends at Palomar.  One gentleman was from Romania and we listened to him at length as he explained the geography, the wines, his business, and how Dracula became so feared.  We thanked him for the education.  We met a couple of previous New Yorkers and the rest of our dozen roses went to patients who graciously thanked us for them.  Please put us down for next year as we would like to make this our tradition on Christmas Eve morning!


Just wanted to thank you for putting together a nice program for the seniors in our communities.  We definitely got more from it than we gave.  We sang Jingle Bells with one lady that was 87 years old, and she knew all the words.  One of the other volunteers and her children that were with me were delightful and we jingled our keys to sound like bells!  Resourceful.


We laughed and definitely felt sad, but so many seniors thanked us.

You are right, sometimes our seniors are the forgotten ones during the Holidays.  Please include me next year, and if you need help organizing a group in Fallbrook, let me know.


I was one of the many volunteers you had help deliver roses to Seniors on Dec. 24, 2007. I thought it was a tremendous success, but wanted to let you know that I think you are terrific! To take over and just "make it happen" for the past three years. Amazing undertaking, and very well organized!


Thanks for giving back to the community in such a special way. I for one, came away feeling I had received far more than I had given.


That was a great event, I truly enjoyed helping and definitely would love to help again next year.  I would also be happy to help with any sep up or pre-planning you might need.  Thank you for such a great, caring effort that you have given this worthwhile event.

Just wanted to convey to you my amazement at the organization and turnout of the “Roses for Our Senior Friends” today.  Lisette and her whole family did a wonderful job of getting us to the right place to do the right thing.


…Seeing the smiles and delight in the eyes of the seniors when they saw us and the roses.


…Seeing a resident we remember talking to last year!


…Connecting with people and feeling useful


               …Showing my children another part of life.
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